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Inspired by the portraiture tradition but working within the still life genre, Tito Español uses flowers, rather than faces or bodies, to explore the poetry of life. The artist takes regular inspiration from botanical illustrations, and the flowers in his paintings are depicted in a timeless manner. His paintings are a masterful play on real and still life, context, composition, and creativity.

About the Artist

Tito Español (b. 1964) is a self-taught artist from Labo, Camarines Norte. Español honed his artistic talent under the tutelage of renowned Filipino painter Hermes Alegre. The artist currently resides in San Juan, Metro Manila where he works full time at a local art gallery. His good-natured demeanor and vast knowledge in art has made him a household name among other artists, old masters and young newcomers alike. Español curates exhibitions for Galerie Joaquin up to this day.

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