: Phantasmata | Averil Paras

Every artist explores a fantasy world experience at some time, somewhere in his or her memory. For Averil Paras, “Phantasmata” is a collection of artworks set in a dreamlike space. In this fictional space, Paras intends to examine where people find themselves most comfortable and the everyday thrones they occupy.

Averil Paras’ work for “Phantasmata” is a journey through the invisible realm: a dimension where conventional laws of physics have no ruling effect, and thoughts with intent are allowed to take visual form. Here, intuition, memories, visions and dreams are as tangible as everyday objects. Through his work, he visits and revisits concepts that have fascinated, scared and intrigued the artist ever since.

As it is the culmination of Averil Paras’ art, “Phantasmata” is his own advertisement. It is a figment of the artist’s imagination; an illusion or apparition.

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