: Talisman | Patrick Esmao

A talisman is believed to contain certain magical or spiritual properties which would provide good luck for the owner or possibly offer protection from evil or harm. For his latest online exhibition titled “Talisman”, visual artist Patrick Esmao aims to highlight the mysticism that surrounds precious and semi-precious stones. As Esmao weaves together color and line, he combines the myths and meanings to craft personal visual narratives. The resulting paintings are not only as captivating and beautiful as the gems they represent, but are also enchanting pieces that whisper of their own hidden stories and beliefs.


Patrick Esmao’s works focus on bold design combined with minimalism and geometrical balance. His latest online exhibition stays true to his oeuvre, with the addition of the study of light, shadow and texture. The colors and tones he chose emphasize how light and shadow work together to create definition around each geometric shape. 


Patrick Esmao’s art is an offering, a touchstone for prayer, a possibility and blessing. Like an ancient icon, it can be a portal to a realm of dream and memory; of half-forgotten, half-remembered glimpses of the human psyche.

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