: Acquiesce | Michael Pastorizo

Acquiesce | Michael Pastorizo

For “Acquiesce”, visual artist Michael Pastorizo paints with an intense clarity. The exhibition explores and excavates the burdens and blessings of a given life with lyric elegance, with frank candor, and with a wisdom rare in art today.

Calm, observant, yet full of deep feeling and vulnerability, Michael Pastorizo’s recent works intends to move the audience with its depiction of mature wisdom about human endurance, the grasp of natural rhythms, and faith.

Pastorizo believes that his works galvanize people to investigate and assess that which is in front of them and its relationship to them. By doing this, they recognize that there is something present and that its presence is essentially the byproduct of the celebration of nature and humanity. With the acceptance that an inanimate object, which looks nothing like one is accustom to, one opens up to acceptance. The elements of the sphere, curved forms and grinding patterns emphasize motion and motion implies life in Pastorizo’s works.

His art practice continues to give the feeling of motion: hence the sphere, angles, balanced elements, and voids.


“Acquiesce”, An online exhibit featuring works by Michael Pastorizo, will be on view at the Galerie Joaquin Shop website starting December 25, 2021.

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