: Camille Ver

Camille Ver (b.1980) is one of the Philippines’ flag-bearers in contemporary abstractionism, creating landscapes through combinations of observation, imagination, and memory fragments. Ver took up painting at the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts in 1998 followed by a special course in Interior Design at the Philippine Institute of Interior Design. 

With more than 10 solo and countless group exhibits, Camille Ver still continues to reimagine and rediscover what is known and seen through her vivid compositions. 

Ver’s relationship with color surfaces in her art practice by surveying works from the Rococo and the Renaissance period, paying attention to the favored hues of that time. This informs her use of soft hues referencing the Rococo period which she injects with earthy tones from the Renaissance. 


Camille Ver’s chosen medium of enamel and acrylic paints, whether painted on canvas or acrylic sheet, allows her to appreciate the fragility of the paint's texture on a surface while accomplishing an artwork. This reactive approach becomes the amplifying factor in her oeuvre, resulting in an astonishingly varied body of work that skillfully blends the viewpoints of her diverse references.

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