: Sound of the Ocean | Functional Art by Lara Latosa

About the Artist

Lara Latosa is a freelance visual artist from San Pedro, Laguna. Her love of the ocean and traveling takes center stage in her artworks through the figurative abstraction of waves. In many ways, the waves have significant meanings for the artist: it represents her passion for water activities; It depicts her personal struggle with mental wellness – embodied by the highs and lows of a wave; It symbolizes her philosophical view of life and it being ephemeral- visible in the coming and going of waves. The simplicity of using waves as a subject allows Lara to invite viewers to have a conversation with her pieces in any perspective they choose - passion, struggles, or philosophical views.

In terms of technical work, Latosa's signature style uses texture and flow that give off a constant sense of dance-like movement to her waves. Water droplets are also evident in all her works, playing with both figurative and abstraction style.
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