: Link | Jay Ragma

“Link” | Jay Ragma

Jay Ragma’s works for “Link” is an attempt to stammer the language of painting from within, so as to unseat the set of expectations that comes with it and encourage the audience to look again at the artwork.

As an artist committed to the making of abstract paintings, Ragma is on the path of an ongoing negotiation between medium and concept, intention and intuition, artist and viewer, viewer and artwork. He uses intuitive processes to tap into the bodily knowledge all painters already possess; about medium; color, consistency, texture, line, composition, surface, and of meta-meaning; concept, symbolism, history.

The artist’s aim with his current pieces is to transmit an emotional narrative to the viewer via deconstructed  lines and  conceptual interplay on the canvas.


“Link”, An online exhibit featuring works by Jay Ragma, will be on view at the Galerie Joaquin Shop website from January 6 to 16, 2022.

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