: Esoterica | Marlon Magbanua

Esoterica | Marlon Magbanua

Moving between direct and indirect paint applications, layers of elements and varying surfaces, Marlon Magbanua’s “Esoterica” explores elements of structure and gesture, allowing for a tension and elegance to coexist. The works depict the act of relationship expressed through the process of painting, as it interrogates notions of change, growth, and personal acceptance even in times of uncertainty.

Through Magbanua’s language of abstraction, he responds to the inherent phenomenological and personal meanings found in color, form, and line – drawing from a vast, boundless, and immeasurable space. “Esoterica” portrays entropy in motion and the approach of transforming and dismantling the present; a response to transitional beauty, poignancy and impermanence. The visuals intend to provide a moment of relief to the viewer, a reminder that art plays a humanistic role even in seemingly volatile landscapes.


About the Artist

Marlon Magbanua (b.1974) is an artist born in Iloilo City who graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Advertising Arts at the Technological University of the Philippines. Having come from a musical background, his works explore a similitude between music and art, often translating one medium to another through a meticulous process of composition. Marlon has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Metro Manila, as well as participating in a residency program in Myanmar last 2010.

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