: "On a Bed of Blooms" by ANINO

“On a Bed of Blooms” by ANINO, on view at Galerie Joaquin Online

Exhibit run: November 5 to 15, 2022

For ANINO’s debut exhibition at Galerie Joaquin Online, the artist fervently explores the innate beauty and appeal of flowers: further presenting concepts of flourishing embellishments interwoven with striking abstractions of signature color, pattern, texture, and form.

The featured works comprising floral abstractions intend to come forth a sense of ease for us viewers – to ruminate on the highly imaginative and poetic scenery of extraordinary ideations. In view of this, ANINO hopes to capture the allure of momentary stillness; to take time in appreciating the beauty of life’s natural treasures through an astonishing oeuvre with distinct and illustrious imagery.

ANINO is a graduate of BFA in Advertising Arts from Far Eastern University. Their artistic process is rooted in the form of doodling; this whimsical and amusing approach enables the artist to let ideas flow freely and without technical constraints.

The maximalist style and variety of overlaid colors, patterns, and forms bring forth an enthralling imagery of expression. In the absence of figurative forms, persistent shapes, symbols, and icons are creatively used to convey the narrative and tone of each artwork.

ANINO takes inspiration from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and Filipino contemporary artist Dexter Sy, both renowned for their use of compelling and vibrant coloring in their works. As a result, the artist’s works create a fascinating world of elevated compositions – an exciting visual odyssey for one’s view to explore and depict endless interpretations.  

“On a Bed of Blooms” will be on view at the Galerie Joaquin Shop Website starting November 5 – 15, 2022. 


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