: Ovación

“Ovación”, a Homage to the Master Sansó
Online exclusive: July 3-18, 2021

“Ovación” is an exhibition that primarily centers around the idea of a life and time of an older and more renowned artist as imagined by another. The participating artists aim to depict Sansó’s legacy and importance in the current context; simultaneously, the exhibition is meant to reflect on how an artist is influenced or shaped in his own time, and how ideas, thoughts, and inspiration flow continually from predecessors to the younger generation.

The exhibition pays tribute to the artist whom all have admired throughout the years. With great respect and reverence, Barbara Angeles, Joy Calanasan, Katrina Cuenca, Patrick Esmao, Ciara Fabie, and Perfecto Palero will showcase selected works that are in keeping with drawing inspiration from the original vision of the master, Juvenal Sansó.

For “Ovación”, the participating artists hope to portray the master Sansó as each individual knew him: monumental in his importance in the art world, philosophical, and bearing witness to the unwinding of time by his careful and detailed observation of seascapes, landscapes, and flowers. The works focus on techniques and palettes that Sansó used in his oeuvre, with each artist’s unique take of the master’s approach.
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