: Way of Living | Richard Arimado

“Way of Living” by Richard Arimado, on view at Galerie Joaquin Online

2 - 16 December 2022

Amidst the life-altering challenges brought about by the global pandemic, Richard Arimado never fails to seek the good, the mere, and the hopeful. “Resilience” is the characteristic given to Filipinos for our positive outlook on living – how we continue to learn, grow and thrive in spite of life’s tough trials and tribulations. For the artist’s latest collection at Galerie Joaquin Online, Arimado best represents scenes of Filipino everyday living: going to the market, strolling around the plaza, or interacting with travelers and vendors.

Simple yet impactful – these visual stories brilliantly painted in his signature style of the subjects looking upward symbolizes ideas of a higher being, serving as spiritual guidance and source of strength. In view of this, the local familiarity tied within these common folk strengthens the artist’s belief of how there is relentless tenacity in a Filipino’s ways and views of life, found in the simplest of actions and customs. Richard Arimado hopes to empower and continue this notion, making him one of the most sought-after artists to date.

Richard Arimado, born and raised in Manila, has always had strong artistic inclinations. He studied Drafting Tech at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, and Advertising at the Panday Sining Art Study Center. To this day, Arimado has already developed a masterly style and his own artistic signature by painting birds-eye views of pedestrians and their commutes.

“Way of Living” by Richard Arimado will be on view at Galerie Joaquin Online on December 2, 2022, launching at 11am PST. The online show will run until December 16.

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