: The Spectrum of Being | Joel Reglos

The Spectrum of Being | Joel Reglos

Joel Reglos paints with keen awareness of colors and how they are perceived in relationship to one another. The artist’s lifelong interaction with color has given him an appreciation for the nuances of full spectrum mixing.

The exhibition’s goal is discordant harmony. One can’t take it all in, but what is being experienced at that moment is enchanting. Reglos’ abstract paintings can be considered as faded memories seeping through to the present, obscured, almost forgotten substrates that make the present possible – a metaphor for life.

His works are painted from a memory, an experience of a special quality of light, or time of day; what the artist imagines it to be.

“The Spectrum of Being”, An online exhibit featuring works by Joel Reglos, will be on view from December 4 to 14, 2021. 


About the Artist

Joel Reglos (b.1994) hails from Sta, Cruz Manila and was raised in Calauag, Quezon, where he learned and honed most of his abilities.

At the age of 21, he discovered his style wherein he was able to truly express his own sentiments in the best possible way. Working in acrylics, Reglos uses unique colors, texture and nondescript shapes and line arrangements – turning it into a uniquely expressive from in order to show the real value of his work. Joel Reglos isn’t just simply putting up figures and forms together but ensures that each one of his elements has significance and is placed in a harmonious manner.  

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