Fitz Herrera’s oeuvre represents nature. Not the external, surface attributes, but the underlying scheme. Nature's system of fabricating elements is symbolized by layers. The artist’s imagery is spontaneous, unpredictable, surprising; an ode to the behavior of nature.

 Herrera’s latest series titled “Tie Dye Sky” is based off the colors, light, and feel of sky in the early spring and summer. The reflectivity of water currents, the color and patterns in flora and blooming trees, and the constantly changing hues of the sky provide endless inspiration.

 “Tie Dye Sky” is pure energy. It has the power to affect the viewer’s mood, transform experiences and emotionally connect audiences. The acrylic paintings are a mix of abstract expressionism and op-art; a merging of intuitive gestures and rigorous process.

There exists a space between the natural world and that of a more abstract, dreamlike state. Fitz Herrera considers this to be the glittering realm of creativity where passion and authenticity lie. This intangible process of art making keeps calling the artist to explore and witness a timeless place where all possibilities exist.

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