: Transportation / Transformation | Darwin Guevarra

In engineering a vehicle, as with any successful design, form follows function. For Darwin Guevarra’s “Transportation / Transformation”, this function of the object becomes irrelevant as he creates a new form from the basic elements presented. The new form becomes more interesting than the intended function. Guevarra attempts to renew and preserve the artifacts and reinvent its narrative -- that which was once new became old and now becomes new again.

Nature has eroded and rusted the subjects’ surfaces. It has taken what was once smooth and shiny and transformed the vehicle into texture and entropy. What was whole becomes perforated and broken. The works discover what is left behind that is still intriguing and visually captivating.

Darwin Guevarra studies complex systems of mechanical devices and sees the simplicity of the structure — the elegance of the fundamental form that underlies the function of the machine. His works seek to present the balance found within a chaotic world as he attempts to preserve what is beautiful and meaningful.

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