: Nature Abhors a Void

“Nature Abhors a Void” | Dale Bagtas

In Dale Bagtas’ personal view of nature, awareness of the consequences of chaotic mechanisms is key. For him, entropy is the total causality of deterministic events. It is important to not only recognize fragility and disorder in chaos but to see its real power as a fundamental and evolutionary force.

For his online solo exhibition titled “Nature Abhors a Void”, the balance between conscious and unconscious thought plays into view. From this emanates Bagtas’ desire to create works that speak to this symbiosis. The artist uses paradoxes and juxtapositions to stimulate the viewer to certain episodes and ideas. Throughout his work, attention to composition on different scales invites the viewer to first casually glance at, and then more minutely scrutinize details that are revealed gradually as one comes closer to it. Dale Bagtas intends to immerse his audience into a dense and rich composition, creating a strong and moving atmosphere that summons the mind yet soothes the soul.

“Nature Abhors a Void” will run from November 10 to 20 at www.galeriejoaquin.shop


About the Artist

Ariosto Dale Bagtas (b.1996) is a graduate of Interior Design from the University of the East. He was named Artist of the Year by The College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design Student Council of U.E. in 2016.

Dale Bagtas is a multi-awarded visual artist whose accomplishments include: Honorable Mention, AAP Art Competition, Pen and Ink Category (2013), Semi-Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition, Acrylic Category (2014, 2015, and 2019), Finalist, GSIS National Art Competition, Non- Representational Category (2016 and 2021), Grand Prize, GSIS National Art Competition, Non- Representational Category (2019), Finalist, Don Papa Rum Art Competition (2020), and the Grand Prize for the recently concluded Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition, Acrylic Category (2021). Bagtas has been participating in various art exhibits since 2012. “Nature Abhors a Void” is his first solo exhibition for Galerie Joaquin.

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