Art Lozano’s works explore connections to experiences of place, landscape, environment, time and memory. They instill a certain wanderlust, which draws the artist to explore the landscape from his own point of view.


Through his paintings, Lozano investigates how personal history and memory are tied to a place, how time informs memory, and how visual representation can be used to communicate experience.  The memories seem frozen in time, much as an image rendered on a canvas, yet the passage of time itself can alter the viewer’s recollections. The use of iconic cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle or Kombi are reminiscent of a time or place which evoke a nostalgic effect.


For Art Lozano, every moment experienced is always an improvisation with what has existed, exists now, and will potentially exist. In order for an individual to grow, one must introduce himself to new environments, both landscapes and cultures, to allow the opportunity to understand and learn from the deep complexity the universe has to offer.

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