: By Virtue of the Skies | Victor Cabuga Secuya

“By Virtue of the Skies” | Victor Cabuga Secuya

Victor Secuya’s works for “By Virtue of the Skies” evolved from silence. His art exists as somewhat a permanent testimony of moments, captured in an earthly, tangible form.

Secuya’s current works reflect on the sublime and the familiar breath. The paintings reference the sky as an area of ever-transcendent eternity, and also as an equalizing homeland that connects every living being on earth. Like the sky, the works offer path to a transitional space between the seen and hidden, en route to a secret, unknown destination. Sailing between shifting planes, they chronicle multiple domains, dimension, and discipline.

The paintings appear to be in perpetual motion through layered transparency and color progression. Lyrical lines promenade beyond a framework made of reflected light and shadow. Shifting between the seemingly buoyant and the extremely dense, Secuya’s works resonate invisible forces of nature, referring geologic strata from the beyond.

"By Virtue of the Skies” will run from November 21 to 30 at www.galeriejoaquin.shop


About the Artist

Victor Cabuga Secuya (b. 1957) is a reclusive personality often misunderstood because of the directness in his people engagements and not- so- rare piercing interrogations that can force one into uncomfortable self-reflection. His former students of Humanities and Philosophy named him a terror, but for those who know him up close and personal, he is a warm guru who desires that every person be the best of himself. He values self-discipline, and while he loves being with people, he treasures solitude, being alone in his studio the most.

 Mounting more than 20 one-man shows all those years is a testament of Secuya’s commitment to his craft. His latest, a sold-out show in a cultural center gallery in Brussels, Belgium, gave him the ultimate confidence as a true artist.

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