: "Trivedi" by Janddie Castillo

Janddie Castillo’s paintings for "Trivedi" are principally focused on the theme of landscape and natural phenomena. His atmospheric works are based on imagined consciousness taken from nature and transformed onto canvas. They capture the subtle changes of the elemental forces of nature: the dramatic terrains, the tension between elements, and the vibrations emanating from the earth.

The shift between these forces encouraged Janddie Castillo to explore more ways of creating works that evoke feelings that are threefold in nature. His arrangement in triptych is also in reference to the three-dimensionality of man’s existence: body, soul, and spirit.


About the Artist

“Master of Splash Art” is the title given to Janddie Castillo, a Far Eastern University Bachelor of Fine Arts Batch 1995 alumni, by his peers due to his unique art style which he invented and coined. This technique melds realistic and impressionistic themes with the symphony of splashes, splatters, and swiping strokes. He has successfully mastered Splash Technique using Palette Knife and vivid color combinations to make an art style that is truly Filipino and truly Castillo’s own.

Castillo has been generating serious interest among collectors in the art scene via his three (3) highly successful one-man shows, forty (40) group exhibits, numerous art contests and awards, art fairs, and workshops. He has matured into one of the fastest rising contemporary artists of our time.

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