: May Your Silhouette Never Dissolve | April Lopez

May Your Silhouette Never Dissolve

Featuring works by April Lopez

The works for “May Your Silhouette Never Dissolve” are about an existential place where time stops, and flows away into the clouds. The exhibit concerns itself with the fragmentary and fleeting nature of memory; the ephemeral quality of reality, and memory and perception. Visual artist April Lopez is drawn to exploring how grief and healing shape a being's lived experience and their memories and the circular nature of this process.

Lopez’ artistic imagery explores memory as it relates to place and language. Often, the act of remembering engages one’s perception of absence: a place, person, or experience now removed from the self. The artworks for this exhibit is inspired by this delicate tension.

The artist’s abstracted imagery of flowing elements is intimately linked to human experience such as movement, time, and encounters with life and death. Different stories are told, depending on the angle and distance of the viewer’s eye. For Lopez, it serves as an act of discovery, a treasure hunt of minute details; and then, an intangible memory, reconnects and rediscovers what was and what will soon be.

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